Four wheelers are fun and resourceful for the outdoors

Trading a lawnmower for a four wheeler straight up is one of the best moves I have ever made. Having downsized my yard from 3-acres to a smaller lot, I am no longer tortured by the chore of cutting grass. Leaving me no longer in need of my big, zero turn lawnmower. My friend Sam liked the mower so much, he made the trade offer and I accepted. Trading work for fun isn’t always a good bet, but I’m pretty happy about this exchange. 

It’s been over a decade since I had a new four wheeler. Outfitting this machine to do what I want, which is to get me in and out of hunting spots efficiently and other chores around the farm, has been a fun process. There are a lot of different accessories on the market that add safety, ease and convivence to a four wheeler. Many of them are easy to install yourself.  

If you’re serious about hunting, then you know it’s a year-round ordeal. Planting food plots, hanging stands, hauling gear to camp and pulling that monster buck out of the woods are just a few of the chores a four wheeler makes easier and more enjoyable. To get the most out of your ATV for hunting, you need to have the right accessories.   

Some four wheelers cost more than the trucks guys are using to pull them to camp. The accessory market has followed suit, and exploded with offerings to help hunters with every task. The following accessorizes will help turn your machine into the ultimate four wheeler for hunting. 

Winch – The first piece of gear to add to any four wheeler destined for the deer woods is a winch. A winch is good for so much more than pulling you out of the mud. 

Rear Molded Box Seat – Rear boxes with a seat in the center offer protected, waterproof storage and a comfortable place for a passenger to sit. Weather is always an issue in the outdoors. 

Front Bag – For quick access to items you need to keep secure, a four wheeler front bag is the answer. Rain gear, ropes, gloves, a flashlight, a tool kit and more can all have a permanent home in a front bag. 

Stealth Exhaust System – Noise can be a limiting factor when it comes to four wheeler use. You don’t want to ride a loud machine into your hunting area and possibly alert game of your presence. 

Seat Cover – Look around at old four wheeler and you’ll quickly notice that seats are one of the first things to go. As seats age they crack and tear. 

Trailer – Don’t struggle with hauling a deer on your front or rear rack. Complete your four wheeler outfit with a strong and durable trailer. 

Mud Flaps – With your gear in a trailer behind you, the last thing you want to do is sling mud all over your load. Installing extended mud flaps will help keep your gear clean and in proper working order.

Gun/Bow Rack – Secure your gun or bow in a forked rack in front of you to keep an eye on it and to have quick access. 

Tool Kit – Always be prepared for a blown tire or a break down when in the backcountry. Make sure you have a tool kit that includes everything you’ll need to fix a flat tire and inflate it.  

Windshield System with Handguards – Riding an ATV during winter in most parts of the country can make you cold, quickly. A windshield system with handguards will help keep you warmer by deflecting bitter cold air from your face, body and hands. 

Tires – Having tough durable tires is extremely important. You are going to be riding over rocks and logs and through mud. 

Gun Boot – The last thing you want to do is bang your gun against something while riding your ATV and possibly knock your scope off or worse. A gun boot mounted on the side of your ATV ensures your firearm will have safe passage top and from your hunting area. 

Spotlight – Of course, spotlights are illegal in most hunting applications, so you must use your best judgment as to when is or is not the proper time to turn one. 

With the right accessories installed on your four wheeler, you can have the ultimate hunting machine. There are plenty of states with robust trail systems where four wheelers are a big advantage. If you are planning to take your four wheeler out of state, make sure you have the proper permitting to ride on public lands. 

See you down the trail…

Brandon Butler

Pic: Four wheelers outfitted with the right accessories are excellent hunting vehicles. 

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