Realtree Signs Santa Claus to Prostaff Deal

Santa Claus is a sportsman. I know this to be true, because he always did such a great job of bringing me the right hunting and fishing gear throughout my life. If Santa wasn’t an angler, how would he have known to bring me the exact right combination of rod and reel for catching bass? He even brought the perfect arrows to fit my bow. I could always count on Old Saint Nick to give me the perfect outdoor gear. Now he’s upping his hunting game and joining the Realtree prostaff.  

Realtree Founder and CEO Bill Jordan said, “We’ve been trying to think of a way to officially get Santa in our camp for some time now. Our group really enjoys this time of year, and seeing little ones light up around the Christmas season is hard to beat. Santa and Realtree came to terms quickly, and the reality for our brand and his is that concealment is key. We believe this match makes sense, will be fun, and keeps us both at the top of our game”.

Every year, I tried to catch a glimpse of Santa Claus in his sleigh, and every year he stayed one step ahead of me. I found reindeer tracks in the yard once, so I knew I had just missed him. Out in Billings, Montana, I know I saw his sleigh way up in the sky heading back north near daybreak, but could never prove it. Now, with the addition of Realtree camouflage to his concealment efforts, seeing Santa on Christmas Eve is going to be even harder. 

Santa said, “Look, what Bill Jordan may not realize is I’ve been a Realtree guy since Day 1. NORAD started tracking my movement back in 1955, and so it’s critical that I stay hidden. Back in 1986, the game changed for me when I started wearing Realtree, and I’m excited to have my official suit now carry the Realtree pattern. The photorealistic nature of each pattern is best-in-class; I love their Timber2Table recipes, and having access to world-class brands with the Realtree camo makes being on the ‘good list’ that much better this year for boys and girls everywhere.”

Seeing how Santa relies on reindeer for his transportation, and his deer are so famous, you’d think there might be contention amongst the reindeer and Santa being a hunter. But conservation is explained and the reindeer came around.  

Realtree reported, “Interestingly, the deal almost hit a wall after Comet and Blitzen indicated they had watched several of Realtree’s Monster Buck DVDs, and had concerns. The site visit to Columbus, from Santa and his eight reindeer, allowed the Realtree team to assure the group that they are “reindeer” and would not be featured in any of the upcoming Monster Buck programs. This helped seal the deal.”

Santa and Realtree encourage you to remember what is important this Christmas season, spending time with your family and friends. Better yet, go outside and enjoy that time together wearing Realtree camo. Wearing anything else will prove which list you were on this year.

See you down the trail…

Brandon Butler

Pic: Santa Claus has joined the prostaff of Realtree. 

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