Ep. 242: Are you down with MOC? Yea, you know me!

Brandon Butler and Nathan “Shags” McLeod celebrate 30 years of the Missouri Outdoor Communicators with some of the original members: Bobby “Bobfather” WhiteheadJohn NeporadnyDarrell TaylorKenny Kieser, Bill Cooper, and Larry Whiteley.

MOC Mission:  The Missouri Outdoor Communicators’ mission is to advance knowledge of natural resources and related recreational pursuits, to improve MOC members’ communication skills, to promote outdoor communications, to encourage appropriate use and conservation of natural resources and to mentor the next generation of outdoor communicators.

Topics Discussed:  Cape Girardeau, sightseeing, MCD Nature Center, two-headed snake, LOZ fishing, fishing tournaments, MOC relationships and awards, Missouri Mafia, MOC presidencies, writing advice and how to write tight, Joel Vance, changes in writing and media industry, Missouri Sports Hall of Fame, early days of Bass Pro Shop, technology and Chat GPT, mystery bait bucket and more.

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