Ep. 219: Bakers Bantering with Driftwood Outdoors

Brandon Butler and Nathan “Shags” McLeod are invited to the very popular Bakers Bantering Podcast after a chance encounter on the river we no longer speak of.

Bakers Bantering is a podcast featuring the TikTok stars from Baker Banter. Siblings Jenna, Derek, and Katy Baker, are often joined by Baker Banter Mom and Dad (Valerie and Eric). The Baker family centers around Derek, who has Down syndrome. You can expect lots of fun family banter, chaos, authenticity, and hopefully a few good laughs.

Topics Discussed: Hunting, fishing, pro wrestling, the Driftwood Outdoors origin story, what living with Down Syndrome in the public eye is like, how Derek got into podcasting, sharing intimate life online, mystery bait bucket and more.

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