Ep. 222: From Heroin to Healing – Recovery Outdoors

Brandon Butler and Nathan “Shags” McLeod interview Trey Dawson, Founder and Owner of BackyardK9 and Recovery Outdoors.

Trey Dawson opens up about his personal journey through addiction and recovery. His hopes are to break down stigma and encourage conversations that can lead to support, healing, and ultimately, breaking the chains of addiction. Through the power of the outdoors, transparency, faith, and a few dad jokes, he shares his experience here.

Topics Discussed: His journey through incarceration, addiction and sobriety, growing up in Gravois Mills and his early run ins with the law, the origin of Puppies for Parole and BackyardK9, his hopes for Recovery Outdoors, qualifying for Bass Master Kayak Tournament, his dog training schedule, New Year’s Resolutions, mystery bait bucket and more.

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