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Brandon Butler and Nathan McLeod have teamed up co-host the Driftwood Outdoors Podcast. Driftwood Outdoors brings listeners information about conservation and outdoor recreation in Missouri and surrounding Midwest states through interviews with an impressive lineup of guests. New episodes are released every Tuesday morning. The duo’s entertaining style engages listeners and makes the podcast fun and easy to listen to. The podcasts are available on the Driftwood Outdoors website, and all major podcast platforms.

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Missouri Supreme Court Rules All Deer Are Wildlife

It took five years and millions of dollars to settle an argument that should have never happened. But the buck has stopped at the Missouri Supreme Court, which July 3 unanimously ruled all deer are wildlife. How did we get to a point where such an argument had to be made? The “Captive Cervid Industry” […]

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Spring bluegill fishing a favorite pastime

With a quick snap of my wrist, I set the hook into another hearty bluegill and raise the purple and black bull from the water. Swinging the chunky keeper into the boat, I smile as thoughts of summer fish fries dance in my head. I drop him in the cooler and thread another cricket on […]

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Natural Resources Students Inspire Hope for Future

My first semester as an adjunct instructor at the University of Missouri ended last week. I taught a class I created called Communications in Natural Resources. It was an experience I’ll treasure forever. Over the course of 15 weeks, I came to realize if my students are a reflection of their generation, the future of […]

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